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Online Soil Information SheetsOnline Soil Information Sheets

Submitting soil samples for analysis can be easy, streamlined and quick

Soil Information Sheets (SIS) don't have to be cumbersome and time-consuming. Collecting and submitting soil samples can be easy, streamlined, and quick. Now you can work smarter, not harder with the help of web-based Soil Information Sheets. This tool offers: 

Time savings

  • Retains Field IDs for easily upload into management software
  • Prints labels for your soil bags - eliminating filling out bags in the field
  • Relieves users of hand-writing SISs 

Organization and data memory

  • Secures data for future management decisions after saving
  • Incorporates accurate and customized data entry driven by the user

Error reduction 

  • Reduces errors through typed form entry
  • Maintains consistency of farm information with the auto-fill feature

Team management

  • Centralizes data entry - improving consistency among employees and through turnover
  • Flexes to fit the team's schedule through pre-sampling completion, label printing and sampling start

For more information download the Online Soil Information Sheets information sheet. 

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