Rock River Laboratory dropbox on a Convenience Route Hemp Convenience Routes

Another option for hemp sample transportation

The Wisconsin Convenience Route connects hemp growers and processors to Rock River Laboratory drivers who gather samples from branded drop boxes and transport them back to the Watertown, Wis. Rock River Laboratory location to proceed with analysis. 

Want to utilize the Wisconsin Convenience Route for your hemp samples? Please ensure the following upon dropping the sample(s) in the dropbox of your choice:

  • Samples are contained in labeled paper bags
  • A completed hemp analysis request form is attached to your sample(s). These forms can be found here
  • A form of payment is on the analysis request form or included with the sample packaging
  • A copy of the grower's license is included with the sample

Customers without access to the Wisconsin Convenience Route should reference hemp shipping instructions found here.

Rock River Laboratory Convenience Routes provide: 

  • Simplicity: Samples dropped at designated drop boxes in time for that day's pick-up will be the first samples in line to be analyzed. Processing of the samples will take place the same day or next weekday morning, depending on the Convenience Route utilized. 
  • Time and miles savings: Save the time to package the sample for shipping and avoid the extra miles to drop samples off at the nearest lab. 
  • The same, accurate analysis: Rock River Laboratory has been dedicated to accurate, quality analysis since 1976. 

Your Location:

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