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Download the Rock River Laboratory hemp analysis information sheet here

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Accurate, regular laboratory analyses are key to raising an ideal hemp crop. As a high management and valuable plant, investing in a means to ensure benchmarks are met can be the difference between a prosperous growing season and a lost product.
Regular in-season tissue testing of the cannabinoid profile helps growers prepare for harvest:
  • Delta 9-THC production tracking in hemp helps plan the growing timeline and guard against surprises at harvest
  • CBD production analysis throughout the growing season assists in forecasting and future crop decisions
After nearly a half century in the agricultural analysis industry, Rock River Laboratory understands the
importance of a solid soil analysis foundation for a healthy crop, and accurate plant analysis to prepare for
an optimal harvest. Working hand-in-hand with Pride Analytics and Consulting, a third-party hemp laboratory,
Rock River Laboratory ties together agronomy and potency with credibility for grower confidence:
  • Certified by the Wis. Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) for soil analysis
  • Participating in the University of Kentucky’s hemp proficiency program
  • Offering an app (Plant Tissue Plus) to submit plant tissue samples for plant tissue, plant tissue plus, moisture, or a cannabinoid profile analysis
  • Supplying interpretations that are backed by university research
  • Integration capabilities with any GIS platform
Rock River Laboratory chose to partner with Pride Analytics and Consulting, as their own resume meets our
high standards of analysis, including:
  • A leadership team with over five years of experience in potency analysis at a Colorado laboratory
  • A combined 30 years of laboratory analysis expertise across the technical team
  • A strong relationship with PerkinElmer, the industry leader in scientific instrumentation – including that for hemp analysis

Hemp analysis information sheet  Rock River Laboratory Hemp Analysis Information Sheet