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Timing the harvest of corn intended for silage at the optimal moisture is a vital component of making a superb feed for the coming year. Dial in the harvest timeline with the help of InField Updates, a crowdsourced in-app tool that provides nutritionists, agronomists, and their growers timely fresh chopped corn statistics, geographically, to help determine the optimal harvest timeline.

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1. Nutritionists electronically submit chopped or chipped samples under the ‘Fresh Chopped Corn - InField Updates’ package, using Rock River Laboratory’s FeedScan app [with location services enabled], at the closest location to the field where the samples were collected.

2. Physical samples are dropped conveniently at one of the many Rock River Laboratory locations, or drop boxes along the Rock River Laboratory Convenience Routes, for analysis:

  • Samples are analyzed within 24 hours of receipt.

3. Results are reported to the sample submitter and also help populate InField Updates, while maintaining the privacy of both the individual submitting and the exact address location.

InField Updates Map ScreenTime The Harvest

1. Nutritionists, agronomists, and growers download the free FeedScan app to access the InField Updates tool housed within the app for on-the-go access.

2. Users can review Dry Matter (DM), Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF), and Starch stats for all fresh chopped corn submitted under the respective package, as plotted on the InField updates map.

Data can be reviewed within a ten-mile radius of specified locations, for a relevant depiction of moisture in that locality.

3. A successful harvest timeline is planned based on optimal moisture levels for a farm’s specific feed storage type.

Join the community and optimize your chopped corn harvest timing with InField Updates. Submit your fresh chopped corn samples and download FeedScan today!

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