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Timing the harvest of corn intended for silage at the optimal moisture is a vital component of making a superb feed for the coming year. Dial in the harvest timeline with the help of InField Updates, a crowdsourced in-app tool that provides nutritionists, agronomists, and their growers timely fresh chopped corn statistics, geographically, to help determine the optimal harvest timeline.

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1. For each sample, gather 10 stalks of corn silage corn, chip or chop them, and fill a sample bag.

2. On the device you utilize to submit samples via FeedScan, please ensure your location services are turned on so that FeedScan can utilize your coordinates when you’re submitting the samples. Get exact directions and details about location services in this article:

3. While in a location as close to the field where you took the sample as possible, submit the sample on FeedScan and put the code on the sampled bag. Make sure to select the 'Fresh Chopped Corn-Infield Updates' package*. [Please note: It is extremely important to submit the sample near the field where it was taken so that the InField Updates map is accurate.]

4. Drop the physical sample into one of many drop boxes on our Convenience Routes [find the map of those here:], or at your nearest Rock River Laboratory location the same day as it is pulled.

Turnaround time for analysis is 24 hours from receipt and we’ll send you your results (Moisture, Protein, NDF and Starch) the same way you usually receive your nutrition results (on the web or via e-mail). Your data point will also anonymously be included on the InField Updates map (location and name/ contact information is kept completely private), helping others to get a feel for current corn moisture in the area! 

*Cost of the Fresh Chopped Corn - InField Updates package is $13. 

InField Updates Map ScreenTime The Harvest

1. Nutritionists, agronomists, and growers download the free FeedScan app to access the InField Updates tool housed within the app for on-the-go access.

2. Users can review Dry Matter (DM), Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF), and Starch stats for all fresh chopped corn submitted under the respective package, as plotted on the InField updates map.

Data can be reviewed within a ten-mile radius of specified locations, for a relevant depiction of moisture in that locality.

3. A successful harvest timeline is planned based on optimal moisture levels for a farm’s specific feed storage type.

Join the community and optimize your chopped corn harvest timing with InField Updates. Submit your fresh chopped corn samples and download FeedScan today!

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