Soil Sampler Soil Sampling and Field Mapping

Professional agronomic soil sampling

Rock River Laboratory offers professional soil sampling services serving multiple sampling types to accommodate your needs - including grid sampling at either 2.5 or 5.0-acre increments. Grid sampling also includes GPS sample points and electronic transfer of sample point data.

Turfgrass and recreation land soil sampling

Whether its golf courses or city parks, Rock River Laboratory offers professional soil sampling and soil analysis services. Golf course and recreation land package options and pricing can be viewed by downloading the Turfgrass Soil Sampling and Analysis Services and Pricing list.

Boundary mapping

Learn the exact number of acres in a field with Rock River Laboratory's GPS boundary mapping services. The electronic information obtained can be uploaded into a number of software databases that help to achieve more accurate planting, nutrient applications, or crop harvest.

To learn more about Rock River Laboratory's soil sampling or boundary mapping, or to place an order for these services, contact Sampling Coordinator Scott Fleming at 262-949-9114 or

Rock River Laboratory

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