Water Analysis Pricing

Rock River Laboratory offers three levels of livestock water testing to suit your needs:

$20.00 - Nitrate Nitrogen: Nitrate Nitrogen only

$28.00 - Mineral Package: Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Sodium, Aluminum, and Manganese

$42.00 - Livestock Water Package: Includes the Mineral Package, Total Hardness, Sulfate, pH, Chlorine, Nitrate Nitrogen, Electrical Conductivity, and Total Dissolved Solids

Rock River Laboratory

Founded in 1976, Rock River Laboratory is a family-owned laboratory network that provides production assistance to the agricultural industry through the use of advanced diagnostic systems, progressive techniques, and research-supported analyses.  Employing a team of top specialists in their respective fields, Rock River Laboratory provides accurate, cost-effective, and timely analytical results to customers worldwide, while featuring unsurpassed customer service.

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