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40 Years Serving the Agriculture Industry and Many More to Go

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May 10, 2016

40 Years Serving the Agriculture Industry and Many More to Go


By: Don Meyer, President

As 2016 has commenced, Rock River Laboratory is embarking on its 40th year of service. Upon hitting this historic milestone, we have an enriched feeling of excitement for what’s to come in the next 40 years. I began this company upon the foundation of fulfilling a need, but it quickly grew to a passion to drive the industry forward by embracing new, progressive technology, ideas, and techniques that are built in science and founded on research.

With this continual draw to explore new ways to make our customers’ work successful, we’re excited to reveal a refreshed and renewed logo to all of you reading this. This update is an accolade to all of the accomplishments that have been made possible by you, our Rock River Laboratory family and our loyal partners, while also serving as a statement of our commitment to serving this industry – and doing it well – for the next 40 years and beyond. Our young and driven second generation of passionate agriculture-rooted team members ensures that Rock River Laboratory will be a sustained partner as agriculture continues to evolve.

This team brings scientific and agricultural knowledge and experience to the table, which we consider a valuable combination. The essence of this refreshed logo that is built upon the Fibonacci spiral, and a seedling, is a tribute to our foundation: the agriculture community that we commit our daily work to helping, and the industry that feeds our families.

The Fibonacci spiral may not ring any bells, but we encounter it daily. This numerical sequence, showcased through the related spiral, is a scientific emblem that can be seen within nature from a plant’s leaf arrangements to the bracts of a pinecone. Meanwhile, the seedling is a symbol of growth and renewal, and the living things that all of us in the agriculture industry work so hard to keep flourishing each and every day.

Thanks to all who have helped us in this achievement, which we hope you, too, feel proud of. With your support, we are excited and ready to launch into the future with an enriched determination to reach the ground-breaking opportunities ahead!

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