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Conveniently submit feed, forage, water, and fecal sample information directly to Rock River Laboratory with a few screen taps. And now, use the new InField Updates tool for reviewing fresh chopped corn Dry Matter, Neutral Detergent Fiber, and Starch stats geographically by date for optimal harvest timing! Learn more here.

Submitting Feed and Forage for Analysis

Save time at the bunk and submit a sample with as little as six screen taps that guide you through the submission process with no typing or writing. The FeedScan sample submission app conserves your valuable time for ration balancing and problem-solving - unless you enjoy wasting your time writing out paperwork. 

Error Reduction

You and your farms’ information are saved as profiles in FeedScan to reduce typing and time. In turn, the chance of human error in data entry is reduced –ensuring accurate results for the correct samples. 

Details capture

The FeedScan app allows you to capture sample photos to include with analysis results – making producer discussions easier and improving your memory when you receive the results from that moldy silage sample.

Sample Averages

FeedScan can unlock a sample average column on your next results report when you consistently name samples within the app. This reporting function is exclusive to FeedScan users and can showcase how bunk quality changes through time.

Be smart. It’s a no-brainer to download a free app that pays you back in time and information gains.

If you’ve got a permanent marker or a sheet of barcode stickers from Rock River Laboratory, you’re all set to utilize FeedScan. FeedScan is available for download at the App Store (search FeedScan in iPhone-only apps) and in Google PlayFollow the links below for app instructions, time-saving tips, and other helpful FeedScan tools:

FeedScan information sheet

FeedScan app instructions

FeedScan FAQs

FeedScan tips and tricks resource

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