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Analysis built on accuracy, innovation, and customer service

Rock River Laboratory partners with customers to serve the living and growing needs of the agriculture, lawn and garden, turf, and wildlife industries through analysis of feedstuffs, soil, plant tissue, water, and much more. Supported by an unwavering customer service team, we've spent over 40 years equipping these industries with the tools and answers they need to make decisions for successful outcomes. 

You drive us

Throughout our rich history, Rock River Laboratory has made our customers the focus. Progress for the benefit of the industry and those we serve guides our business's decisions and actions. Keeping this in mind, we've continued to build, test and offer products and services that revolve around the end-user: our customers. But don't take our word for it. Try out our services and see for yourself. Our customer service team is at the ready to address your questions, feedback and needs.

Our foundation

Our roots lie in the agriculture industry, which has and continues to embrace technology for the greater good of progress, and this common goal is something in which we consistently invest.

  • In 1976, Rock River Laboratory founder Don Meyer, his wife Karen, and his parents, Bill and Marge Meyer, set out with a goal to fulfill an agriculture industry need for quality, accurate soil analysis.
  • By 1979, feed and forage analysis was offered at Rock River Laboratory, and to help support this offering, the Near-Infrared (NIR) analysis of feedstuffs was incorporated in 1982 - making Rock River Laboratory the first agricultural laboratory to offer this new technology.
  • See more Rock River Laboratory firsts that have built this company on the timeline below. 

Today, we continue to diversify our services into both new areas of the agriculture field as well as new areas of the globe. Rock River Laboratory is now found in several locations across the US, as well as abroad, while offering new services and technologies to help improve accuracy of analysis exponentially since the capabilities of the 1970s. 

Our team

Our young and driven second generation of passionate, agriculture-rooted team members ensures that Rock River Laboratory will be a sustained partner as agriculture continues to evolve. This family business includes a team that brings scientific and agricultural knowledge and experience to the table, which we consider a valuable combination.

Rock River Laboratory logoWatermark of trust, growth and scientific roots

The Fibonacci spiral may not ring any bells, but we all encounter it daily. This numerical sequence, showcased through the related spiral, is a scientific emblem that can be seen within nature from a plant’s leaf arrangements to the bracts of a pinecone. This spiral also happens to be at the core of Rock River Laboratory's logo. The seedling, also seen in our logo, is a symbol of growth and renewal, and the living things that all of us in the agriculture industry work so hard to keep flourishing each and every day. We've made our logo a symbol of our values and our commitment to trustworthy service of the agriculture industry and we stand behind the work and results that don this symbol.

Rock River Laboratory: 42 Years Timeline