Rock River Laboratory Convenience Routes' drop boxes are easy to findConvenience Routes

Sample pickup systems created to save customers time and improve accessibility

Please note: Convenience Routes will not be run on days when a weather advisory has been issued for your local area. Please check your local weather before dropping samples off in the Rock River Laboratory drop boxes. 

Scroll down for map of all routes, dropbox addresses, and pick-up times.

Convenience Routes connect business locations throughout Wisconsin and California, with drivers gathering samples from branded drop boxes and transporting them back to the closest Rock River Laboratory location to proceed with analysis. Designed with consultants in mind, Rock River Laboratory Convenience Routes provide: 

  • Simplicity: Samples dropped at designated drop boxes in time for that day's pick-up will be the first samples in line to be analyzed. Processing of the samples will take place the same day or next weekday morning, depending on the Convenience Route utilized. 
  • Time and miles savings: Save the time to package the sample for shipping and avoid the extra miles to drop samples off at the nearest lab. 
  • The same, accurate analysis: Rock River Laboratory has been dedicated to accurate, quality analysis since 1976. 

Two Wisconsin Convenience Routes are currently in place: the North Central Wisconsin (NCWI) and Wisconsin routes cover over 20 locations available for sample drop off. One California Convenience Route is currently in place covering the Central Valley with six locations available for sample drop off. Enter your information below to find the closest drop box location to you. Drop your feedstuff or plant tissue samples (no manure or soil, please) into a Rock River Laboratory drop box, and see how easily Convenience Routes fit your routine!

North Central Wisconsin Route
FREQUENCY: Daily, Monday - Friday
Wisconsin Route
Hemp Customers Use This Route
FREQUENCY: Daily, Monday - Friday
California Route
FREQUENCY: Daily, Monday - Friday
New York Route
FREQUENCY: Daily, Monday - Friday
Ohio Route
FREQUENCY: Daily, Monday - Friday
Your Location:

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