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Conveniently submit feed, forage, water, and fecal sample information directly to Rock River Laboratory with a few screen taps. And now, use the new InField Updates tool to review fresh chopped corn Dry Matter, Neutral Detergent Fiber, and Starch stats geographically by date for optimal harvest timing! Learn more here.

Submitting Feed and Forage for Analysis

We’re utilizing Smart Phones in our everyday lives to save time and work smarter, so why not make feed and forage sample submission just as smart? Save time at the bunk and submit a sample with as few as six screen taps that guide you through the submission process with no typing or writing. The FeedScan sample submission app conserves your valuable time for ration balancing and problem solving…unless you enjoy wasting your time writing out paperwork.

Error Reduction

Save clients’ ration components and analysis information as profiles in FeedScan to reduce typing and time. In turn, the chance of human error in data entry is reduced – ensuring accurate results for the correct samples. Plus, all information is kept private by Rock River Laboratory.

Sample Averages

FeedScan can unlock a sample average column on your next results report when you consistently name samples within the app. This reporting function is exclusive to FeedScan users and provides a quick and easy means to see how the most recent analysis compares to history.

Farm Sync

Add and select farms while ensuring that sample averages from the same farm are tracked across a nutrition team with the Farm Sync feature. Regardless of who submitted, the sample data are synced - eradicating duplicates and confusion.

Reports View

View analysis reports right from your smart phone if you’re connected to the internet. PDF reports are shareable – with options to text or e-mail to colleagues or customers.

Graphed Analytics

Graph history plots of standard analytes, real-time, within FeedScan and reap the benefits of a visual aid for consulting discussions. Plus, showcase how bunk
quality changes through time, creating an additional resource for on-farm decisions [requires an internet connection].
It’s a no-brainer to download a free app that pays you back. If you’ve got a permanent marker and login credentials for the Rock River Laboratory customer portal, you’re all set to utilize FeedScan. Start working smarter with automated sample submission. Download FeedScan from the App Store or Google Play today!

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