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Offering a comprehensive analysis portfolio for animal nutrition success

Explore Rock River Laboratory's vast advanced feed and forage analyses and analysis packages below. For a complete list, visit our Nutrition Pricing page.  

Feed Analysis Packages by NIR[Highlights only]

Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis: Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis Package Information Sheet

  • The most inclusive Near-Infrared NIR analysis on the market
  • Includes Total Fatty Acids (TFA) and individual fatty acids
  • Includes Total Amino Acids (TAA) and individual amino acids
  • Includes multi-time point starch digestion analysis (1, 3, 7 and 16-hour) and an improved starch Kd
  • An easy-read results report incorporates 60-day and 4-year averages, and NDF and starch rumen digestion graphs

Beef Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis: Information Sheet

NIR Analysis for Commodity Feeds and Grain Mixes

  • Rapid and inexpensive options to capture commodity and grain mix variability
  • Two packages include: Comprehensive Commodity, Commodity and Grain Mix by NIR

                   -The Comprehensive Commodity package includes core nutrients and NDF digestibility measures

                   -The Commodity and Grain Mix by NIR package includes core nutrient measurements

Dynamic CNCPS: Dynamic CNCPS Analysis Package Information Sheet

  • Best utilized to describe forage analyses in CNCPS v6.55 
  • Offers all the information, in the format needed, to confidently and accurately balance diets
  • Agrees with what the cows have to say
  • Full integrates with all CNCPS v6.55-biology software via the Standard XML

Dynamic NDFD

NDF Digestibility

Corn Grain Digestibility

Distiller's Grains

Equine Nutrition

Fecal Starch

Fermentation Products Screen

NIR Package Components of Interest

Unique aspects to Rock River Laboratory NIR nutrition analysis

Rumen in situ starch digestion: included in Dynamic Carbohydrate, Dynamic CNCPS, and Corn Grain Digestibility Packages

  • Research-backed and accurate rumen starch digestion measure
  • Proven more reliable than in vitro starch digestion
  • Best reflects how cows will respond to starch in corn grain, snaplage or earlage, and corn silage

TTNDFD: Included in all NIR dynamic packages

  • A real-time fiber digestion assessment tool
  • Reflects real cow digestion and performance by forecasting how high-producing cows will respond to a new forage, before actually feeding it
  • Proven through university in vivo digestion trials
  • Licensed from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Learn more about how nutritionists are utilizing TTNDFD in the field on a regular basis by downloading the TTNDFD Applications Information Sheet

Dynamic NDF Kd: Included in all NIR dynamic packages

  • Demonstrates how quickly fiber can be digested in the rumen 
  • Works within all digestion rate and pool size-based ration computer models

Feed Analysis Packages by Wet Chemistry[Highlights only]

Rumen in situ Starch Digestibility

  • Assesses starch digestion within the rumen of lactating dairy cattle
  • TMR, corn silage, snaplage, and earlage samples (samples with more than 15% NDF) are ground coursely (6mm) 
  • High moisture and dry corn grains digested in form received

TMR Hygiene Diagnostic

  • Created to help quickly and efficiently identify and combat the detrimental effects of the broad spectrum of anti-nutritional factors (mycotoxins, nutrition, bacteria and stress) prevalent across the US.
  • Includes mold, yeast, and Vomitoxin (DON) count
  • Features mold identification
  • Includes TMR Nutrient Analysis
  • Incorporates wet chemistry Rumen Starch Digestion

Whey and Liquid Feed

  • Includes protein and mineral measures, including Chloride
  • Individual sugar analysis to accurately determine the sugar profile present

                   -Our most advanced sugar analysis

TMR Digestibility (TMR-D)

  • Research-backed apparent digestion tool
  • Determines digestion on dairy or beef herds

By-Product Core Nutrient and Energy Check

Simple Equine Analysis

Swine Energy

TMR Mixer Accuracy

Fecal Starch with Total Tract Starch Digestibility

  • Analyzes the starch content of manure to provide a prediction of total tract starch digestion
  • Results for this analysis are either beef or dairy animal specific

16h Rumen in situ Rumen Undegraded Protein (RUP) and RUP Intestinal Digestibility

  • A protein rumen bypass and intestinal digestion measure for identifying high-quality feedstuffs 
  • Includes Crude Protein (CP), soluble/ washout protein, 16h rumen undegraded protein, percent of crude protein (for lactating cows), intestinal protein digestibility, and dry matter disappearance

DCAD (Dietary Cation-Anion Difference)

Additional Wet Chemistry Analysis Options1 [Highlights only; add-on to analysis packages]


PSU TMR or Forage Particle Size Analysis

Feed/Grain Particle Size

  • Reports the mean particle size, standard deviation, and surface area
  • Relates to rumen starch digestion

Rumen in vitro NDF Digestion or uNDF

  • Single or multiple time points available by request

Fermentation Products (VFA)

  • Classic fermentation measurements to help assess fermentation or preservation efficiency
  • Includes research-backed fermentation shrink measure

Advanced Fermentation Products

  • Includes all advanced fermentation measure as well as additional alcohols to highlight unforeseen fermentation challenges
  • Includes research-backed fermentation shrink measure

Corn Silage Kernel Processing Score (KPS)

Multi-step Protein Evaluation

Anti-Nutritional (Bacteria, Fungi, and Toxin) Analyses1  [Highlights only]

Yeast and Mold Count, or Count and Identification (five-day incubation)

Rapid Mold and Yeast Count: (two-day rapid incubation)

Clostridia perfringens Count

  • Also identifies the combination of Enterococcus faecalis and Salmonella typhimurium, which are undesirable enterobacteria

Basic Mycotoxin Screen

  • Aflatoxin, DON, Zearlanone, T-2

Comprehensive Mycotoxin Screen

  • Basic plus Fumonison and Ochratoxin

For a complete list of analysis packages, their inclusions, time points, and pricing, reference the Feed and Forage Analysis Pricing Guide.