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11.22.22 - Holiday Schedule for Domestic Locations in November and December

All Rock River Laboratory domestic locations will be closed on the following dates in observance of the upcoming 2022 holidays. Thank you for your understanding as we work to ensure our employees can observe these important holidays with their families. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!

Thanksgiving: November 24th and 25th

Christmas: December 23rd - 26th

New Years: January 2nd

10.20.22 - New Data Distillation: Rearview mirror insights as we look to 2022 silage

A new Data Distillation is now available! Learn more about the 2022 corn silage harvest as gleaned from our 2021 crop insights, from team member John Goeser, here.

08.26.22 - New Blog Post: Consider snaplage timing and quality for optimal nutrition

Snaplage brings several intriguing aspects to dairy or beef producers. The recent uptick in interest ties into the fact that a self-propelled forage harvester fitted with a grain head can be used to make the feed. Snaplage brings starch like high moisture shelled corn, but also a bit of fiber like corn silage - it often blurs the lines between grain and silage, and its quality is dramatically affected by harvest timing. Learn more in the recent blog post from team member John Goeser here

08.24.22 - New Data Distillation: How much does corn silage harvest moisture affect fiber digestibility?

A new Data Distillation is now available! Learn more about corn silage harvest moisture and how it affects fiber digestibility, from team member Cliff Ocker, here.

07.28.22 - Customer Alert: Rock River Laboratory and Pride Analytics are NOT performing USDA compliance tests for hemp

Rock River Laboratory and Pride Analytics and Consulting do NOT offer officially USDA hemp compliance testing. We are able to offer hemp cannabinoid and plant tissue analysis, but these analyses are strictly for the customers' knowledge. We appreciate all of the hemp customers who have previously used our services and continue to utilize them to gauge their harvest timing. We wish everyone a successful harvest in 2022!

07.18.22 - New Data Distillation published: KPS Trends

A new Data Distillation is now available! Learn more about the KPS trends our team is seeing from the last few corn silage seasons, and opportunities for improvement, from team member Katie Raver here.

06.13.22 - Albany, Wis. dropbox relocated to Evansville

The Convenience Route dropbox that was formerly outside of the ALCIVIA feed mill in Albany, Wis. has been moved to the ALCIVIA mill at 6631 N. Cty Rd M Evansville, Wis. Thank you for your patience as we work to transition the location smoothly! 

05.30.22 - Rock River Laboratory Domestic Locations Closed for Memorial Day

All US Rock River Laboratory locations will be closed on Monday, May 30th in honor of Memorial Day. Convenience Routes will not be running. Analysis and sample pickup will resume on Tuesday, May 31st. Have a safe, long weekend! And thank you to those who gave all to protect our freedoms. 

05.09.22 - NCWI (North Central Wisconsin) Convenience Route update

The Convenience Route dropbox at the Cenex Station in Stratford, Wis. will now be picked up only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 11:30 AM. Please contact us with any questions!