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03.30.21 - New RUP by NIR - An accurate new model for Rumen Undegraded Protein (RUP) by Near Infrared (NIR) is now available

The Rock River Laboratory team has created a new model to accurately measure RUP by NIR. Previously only available by wet chemical analysis, this measure is now available as part of the Comprehensive Commodities by NIR package. The price of this package remains the same while providing additional information and exceptional value via RUP percentages for samples run under it. 

“This new RUP by NIR analysis is a testament to Rock River Laboratory’s commitment to years of accurate wet chemistry. The NIR performance statistics are very similar to in situ rumen starch digestibility,” says John Goeser, our animal nutrition, research and innovation director. 

Those customers looking for guidelines for RUP by NIR can look to the in situ Rumen Undegraded Protein (RUP) and Dry Matter Digestion (DMD) Guidelines for Commercial Feeds. Choose the Comprehensive Commodities by NIR package on your next sample to see RUP percentages by NIR on your report.

02.10.21 - New Dry Ground Corn Grain Particle Size Guidelines Available

In an effort to help guide feed mills and those producers grinding their own corn, Rock River Laboratory has developed a set of dry ground corn grain particle size guidelines. These particle size guides are based on a large spread of data from an updated technique employed by Rock River Laboratory starting in May 2020 that more accurately reflects the actual particle size. Check out the guidelines and the supporting research here.

01.21.21 - New Data Distillation Published

A new Data Distillation - insights using our vast database of feedstuff information - is now available! Learn more about the corn silage 'heartbeat' from team member John Goeser as he walks through various data plots, here

COVID-19: A Message to our Customers

Rock River Laboratory provides a service that is essential to the agricultural community. Our nation’s farmers cannot stop production and will continue to need our support as they work to feed our country in this time of crisis. Because of this, Rock River Laboratory is committed to remaining open and operational so long as our customers need us. 

We continue to closely monitor this fluid situation and are following recommendations outlined by federal health officials, as well as the respective states in which we are located. As we maintain our pledge to quality analysis, should one location be forced to shut down, our staff will work to ensure you can send your samples to a different Rock River Laboratory facility. 

For more information on our efforts, please contact us at 920-261-0446 or We are here to help you maintain your regular operations, and are guided by our purpose: To provide the agricultural industry with quality production assistance. 

12.22.20 - 200,000th soil sample analyzed this year

2020 may be a year we all want to forget, but the Rock River Laboratory agronomy team received an early Christmas present! On Tuesday, 12/22, the 200,000th soil sample of 2020 was analyzed! We greatly appreciate all of the agronomy teams who rely on us for analysis and other services, and this record is one that we share with all of them as well as our great staff who make it possible. Thank you for helping us all get through 2020. Cheers to 2021!

10.16.20 - New Dropbox on New York Convenience Route

A new dropbox has been added to the New York Convenience Route. Rock River Laboratory Northeast customers can conveniently drop samples in the dropbox at the Tractor Supply Company in Hornell, NY before 8:00 PM for quick transport to the lab for analysis. See all of our Convenience Route dropbox locations and pickup times on the map here.

9.23.20 - Beef Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis

The new Beef Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis (CNA) unlocks accurate energy predictions for building better beef diets:

 Learn more here

08.27.20 - Will 2020 corn silage be one for the history books? 

Corn silage season has arrived! Check out the latest management tip with team member John Goeser, discussing current corn silage status, challenges with the 2020 crop, remedies, and recommendations. 

Download the management tip here

08.18.20 - Using InField Updates for corn silage harvest 

InField Updates is an app tool that provides nutritionists, agronomists, and growers timely fresh chopped corn statistics on a map to help determine the optimal harvest timeline. Users can easily submit fresh corn silage samples**, using the FeedScan app, to gather moisture, protein, NDF, and starch information on their sample. In turn, the sample moisture and NDF is anonymously plotted on the map for the community to see what corn is looking like in various areas around the US.

Please note: Location services must be turned to "on" on the device (phone, tablet) used to submit the samples for this tool. 

Learn more here

**Check out the additional requirements needed to utilize the InField Updates package on your corn silage samples before submission. Users must submit the sample the same day as it was pulled and have their phone location data turned on.

08.07.20 - New dropbox available for Rock River Laboratory North Central Wisconsin customers

A new dropbox has been added to the North Central Wisconsin Convenience Route. Beginning Monday, August 10th, customers can conveniently drop samples in the Rock River Laboratory branded dropbox at the Cenex in Stratford, Wis. (on the east side of the building) before 12:30 PM for quick transport to the lab for analysis. See all of our Convenience Route dropbox locations and pickup times on the map here

08.06.20 - Rock River Laboratory working with midwestern universities to build hemp database

The Rock River Laboratory team is working with the university extensions of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Purdue (Indiana) to gather and perform cannabinoid analysis, to help build an online hemp database. The Midwestern Hemp Database will not only inform farmers on growing practices and genetics sources and provide information for public policy as the USDA works on the final hemp ruling in 2021. Learn more about this effort here

07.27.20 - 12 Hour NDFD Measure Now Available with CNA

A 12-Hour Neutral Detergent Fiber Digestibility (NDFD) timepoint measurement is now available with our Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis on all dairy forages. After a rigid wet chemistry calibration set evaluation and weeks of testing, the resulting NIR calibration has demonstrated similar performance as other calibrations deployed by Rock River Laboratory. As the dairy industry works to hone our understanding of fiber digestibility, Rock River Laboratory will continue to stay at the forefront of how this advancement - and other such measures - can assist in nutrition modeling and ration development.Check out an example of our Comprehensive Nutrition Reports with this new measure here

06.01.20 - New stops along New York Convenience Routes

Additional dropbox locations have been added to the New York Convenience Routes. Be sure to check them out and find your nearest location to save time. Find addresses and pick up times on the map here.

05.28.20 - Mycotoxin opportunities

Mycotoxins can lie unrecognized in feed and may prove detrimental to an animal’s performance. Analyzing feedstuffs is the first step to mitigating these animal health and production threats. Rock River Laboratory’s mycotoxin analysis takes testing to the next level to help shed light on the root of on-farm ration challenges. Check out our new mycotoxin testing offerings - including a new visual report, here