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05.21.21 - All Domestic Locations Closed on 5/31 

All domestic Rock River Laboratory locations will be closed on Monday, May 31st in observance of Memorial Day. Convenience Routes will also cease running and samples will be picked up for the week starting on Tuesday, June 1st. Thank you for your patience and may you and your family have a safe holiday!

05.20.21 - New Horse Legume Hay and Grass Hay Quality Guidelines

Legume hay and grass hay quality guidelines for horses have been prepared by expert team member Katie Raver. These values are a useful tool that can be used by an equine nutritionist in helping to formulate a balanced ration for your horse. These guidelines can be reviewed here

03.30.21 - New RUP by NIR - An accurate new model for Rumen Undegraded Protein (RUP) by Near Infrared (NIR) is now available

The Rock River Laboratory team has created a new model to accurately measure RUP by NIR. Previously only available by wet chemical analysis, this measure is now available as part of the Comprehensive Commodities by NIR package. The price of this package remains the same while providing additional information and exceptional value via RUP percentages for samples run under it. 

“This new RUP by NIR analysis is a testament to Rock River Laboratory’s commitment to years of accurate wet chemistry. The NIR performance statistics are very similar to in situ rumen starch digestibility,” says John Goeser, our animal nutrition, research and innovation director. 

Those customers looking for guidelines for RUP by NIR can look to the in situ Rumen Undegraded Protein (RUP) and Dry Matter Digestion (DMD) Guidelines for Commercial Feeds. Choose the Comprehensive Commodities by NIR package on your next sample to see RUP percentages by NIR on your report.

02.10.21 - New Dry Ground Corn Grain Particle Size Guidelines Available

In an effort to help guide feed mills and those producers grinding their own corn, Rock River Laboratory has developed a set of dry ground corn grain particle size guidelines. These particle size guides are based on a large spread of data from an updated technique employed by Rock River Laboratory starting in May 2020 that more accurately reflects the actual particle size. Check out the guidelines and the supporting research here.

01.21.21 - New Data Distillation Published

A new Data Distillation - insights using our vast database of feedstuff information - is now available! Learn more about the corn silage 'heartbeat' from team member John Goeser as he walks through various data plots, here

COVID-19: A Message to our Customers

Rock River Laboratory provides a service that is essential to the agricultural community. Our nation’s farmers cannot stop production and will continue to need our support as they work to feed our country in this time of crisis. Because of this, Rock River Laboratory is committed to remaining open and operational so long as our customers need us. 

We continue to closely monitor this fluid situation and are following recommendations outlined by federal health officials, as well as the respective states in which we are located. As we maintain our pledge to quality analysis, should one location be forced to shut down, our staff will work to ensure you can send your samples to a different Rock River Laboratory facility. 

For more information on our efforts, please contact us at 920-261-0446 or We are here to help you maintain your regular operations, and are guided by our purpose: To provide the agricultural industry with quality production assistance.