Liquid Manure SpreadManure and Fertilizer Analysis

Accurate nutrient analysis

Growers know the importance of applying the right nutrients to their fields and Rock River Laboratory can help by offering both basic and comprehensive analysis options to identify and measure nutrients before they are spread.

Basic Analysis: Moisture, Total N, P, K, and S

Comprehensive Analysis: Moisture, P, K, S, Total N, NO3, NH4, Organic N, and pH

How to collect a manure sample

The process by which manure samples are collected varies depending on animal species and storage type. Rock River Laboratory recommends following the instructions provided by the University of Wisconsin - Madison, available for download below.

Manure Sampling Instructions

Tips for submitting a manure or fertilizer sample to Rock River Laboratory

  • Use only plastic jars or plastic zip-top bags to contain samples. Rock River Laboratory provides sample kits free of charge
  • Do not fill sample containers completely- expansion will occur in transit and the container will burst
  • Freeze or refrigerate manure samples if transit time to the lab is more than 24 hours
  • Include the proper sample submission forms (available below)

Manure Analysis Request Form

Fertilizer Analysis Request Form

Rock River Laboratory

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