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The industry asked for easy, and Rock River Laboratory responded with the Plant Tissue Plus app

This free plant tissue sample submission app was created to make life easier, and if you have a smartphone or tablet, you’re already set with what you need to submit samples and can begin to experience:

  • Time savings in the field and on the sample submission process. Submit a sample with as little as six screen taps and no typing or writing. 
  • Error reduction through preloaded selections that reduce typing and ultimately lessen the chance of human error in sample submission for improved results accuracy. 
  • Sample tracking improvement thanks to consistent, saved naming of farms and fields to track data from sampling event to sampling event. 

These benefits and more are realized thanks to the simplicity of the app featuring: 

  • Customization: The simple web-based setup puts you in the driver's seat of the information that saves to the application. 
  • Details capture: The Plant Tissue Plus app utilizes your device's camera, allowing you to capture photos to include with analysis results - making grower discussions easier. 
  • Ease of use: To maximize field staff's efficiency, the Plant Tissue Plus app's streamlined interface is fast and intuitive. 

View an example of a Plant Tissue Report after using the Plant Tissue Plus App here: Plant Tissue Report (Submitted through App)

Learn more about the Plant Tissue Plus app by downloading the Plant Tissue Plus App information sheet. For a step-by-step tutorial on setting up the app or submitting samples, download the Plant Tissue Plus App instructions booklet or watch the instructional video, and check out the Plant Tissue Plus App starter guide to ensure you have all the pieces needed to make online setup a breeze. 

Download the Plant Tissue Plus app today from the App Store or Google Play and start reaping the benefits of sample submission made easy!

Training your team

The Rock River Laboratory team of experts are happy to help you and your team members learn and understand the Plant Tissue Plus app. From installation through sample submission, our team can walk your group through each step with various options:

  • Customized recorded webinar: fully recorded walk through of the Plant Tissue Plus app setup and use, and additional tips, customized with your team's information so members can walk through the app when it fits their schedule. 
  • Live webinar: Arrange a date, time and customization specifics and Rock River Laboratory will prepare and interactive virtual training that will make your team app gurus. 
  • In-person demonstration: Provide Rock River laboratory the date and time of your next team assembly meeting, along with an hour on the agenda and we'll make the whole team Plant Tissue Plus app experts by the end of the event. 

Learn more about how we can help by downloading the Plant Tissue Plus App team training opportunities document.