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Peer-reviewed research and innovations conducted by the Rock River Laboratory team and collaborators for industry progress

Rock River Laboratory has a long history and continued goal to remain dedicated to innovations and research that translate to real results for the industry. From introducing NIR technology in the 1980's to our latest research in digestibility analytics, we continue to expand the science of agriculture. Below is a selection of Rock River Laboratory research - in our own right, and in collaboration with organizations and researchers who share our zest for innovation - that has been published in poster and abstract form at scientific conferences, and in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Plant and Soil Journal

Mehlich III predicts that soils in Wisconsin and Illinois may cause nickel deficiency in crops: Click here to read.


Soil Science Society of America | Crop Science Society of America  |American Society of Agronomy Annual Meeting

Poster: More than one third of Wisconsin soils may have yield-limiting nickel

Paper: Essential but Unmeasured: A Survey of Mehlich III Extractable Nickel in the Soils of Wisconsin and Illinois

Abstract linked here


Poster: Fertility Trends in 20 Years of Nutrient Drawdown and Best Management Practices at Wisconsin Cropped Systems Trial

Applied Animal Science

Commercial ground corn grain samples vary in particle size metrics and in situ rumen starch digestibility: Click here to read

Nutrient concentrations, digestibility, and cannabinoid concentrations of industrial hemp plant components: Click here to read

American Dairy Science Association Annual Meeting Abstracts

2024 ADSA Annual Meeting Abstract Book

Feed nutritive analysis affects predicted methane emissions, a case study

  • Session: Production, Management, and the Environment 5
  • Abstract #: 2704
  • Page: 427

NIRS models trained by novel neural network methods can predict apparent digestibility from diet and fecal NIRS spectra

  • Session: Ruminant Nutrition 3: General  
  • Abstract #: 2446
  • Page: 337

The effects of a new grain processing technology on forage sorghum processing

  • Session: Forages and Pastures 1
  • Abstract #: 2113
  • Page: 219


2023 ADSA Annual Meeting Abstract Book

Relationship between sorghum silage berry processing score measured with different sieves. 

  • Session: Forages and Pastures
  • Abstract #: 1130M
  • Page: 255

Relationships between particle size and in situ starch disappearance of corn grain.

  • Session: Ruminant Nutrition - General
  • Abstract #:1500T
  • Page: 378

Partitioning variance in nutrient concentrations of dry cow total mixed rations on commercial dairy farms.

  • Session: Ruminant Nutrition - General
  • Abstract #: 1765W
  • Page: 451


2022 ADSA Annual Meeting Abstract Book

A survey of berry processing score and nutrient content of sorghum silage on commercial livestock operations across the US

  • Session: Forage & Pastures Posters 1
  • Abstract #: 2062M
  • Page: 245

Alfalfa and corn forage quality is related to soil analysis and plant tissue mineral content

  • Session: Forages and Pastures Posters 2
  • Abstract #: 2196T
  • Page: 299


2021 ADSA Annual Meeting Abstract Book

Partitioning variation in mineral concentrations of dry cow total mixed rations on commercial dairy farms

  • Session: Ruminant Nutrition: General: Posters
  • Abstract #: P394
  • Page: 305


2019 Abstract Book, Journal of Dairy Science, Volume 102, Supplement 1

  • Session: Ruminant Nutrition: Ruminal Fermentation and Gas Production
  • Abstract #: W158
  • Page: 376
  • Session: Forages and Pastures 1
  • Abstract #: T80
  • Page: 205
  • Session: Forages and Pastures 1
  • Abstract #: 81
  • Page: 104
  • Session: Ruminant Nutrition: Forages
  • Abstract #: W144
  • Page: 371
Potential for artificial neural network application to predict the fatty acid content of feedstuffs using near-infrared spectroscopy
  • Session: Production, Management, and the Environment 1
  • Abstract #: M133
  • Page: 56


2017 Abstract Book (Ruminant Nutrition 1):

Total fatty acid and rumen unsaturated fatty acid load variation in commercial TMR, forages, and corn grain. 

  • Session: Ruminant Nutrition I
  • Abstract #: M305
  • Page:116

2017 Abstract Book (Forages and Pastures 1):

Effect of type of processor and storage length on corn silage processing score in whole-plant corn silage samples

  • Session: Forages and Pastures 1
  • Abstract #: M159
  • Page: 63

American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) and American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) Joint Annual Meeting (JAM) Abstracts

2016 JAM:

Commercial Ground Corn Surface Area is Better Related to Rumen Disappearance than Geometric Mean Particle Size

  • Science Section: Ruminant Nutrition: Forages and Feeds II
  • Abstract #: 1445
  • Page: 689

Total Amino Acid Content Variation for Commercial TMR and Relationship to Crude Protein

  • Science Section: Ruminant Nutrition: Protein, Amino Acids and Nitrogen I
  • Abstract #: 1578
  • Page: 754

Impact of temperature post-defrosting on fermentation of high-moisture corn

  • Science Section: Forages and Pastures III
  • Abstract #: 0677
  • Page: 317


2015 JAM:

A rapid mold and yeast enumeration technique is comparable to a conventional technique for animal feedstuffs

Comparison of in situ and in vitro methods for predicting in vivo fiber digestion

Samples dried with commercial dry matter techniques differ in volatile compound contents


2014 JAM: 

Corn silage and high moisture corn 3 and 7h rumen n situ DM and starch digestion descriptive statistics

Fecal sample starch content deteriorates over time after sampling

Total Tract NDF Digestion predicted using rumen in vitro measures is related to commercial dairy in vivo total track nutrient digestion

Journal of Dairy Science

Hot topic: Apparent total-tract nutrient digestibilities measured commercially using 120-hour in vitro indigestible neutral detergent fiber as a marker are related to commercial dairy cattle performance: Click here to read

The Professional Animal Scientist

Case Study: Effect of type of processor on corn silage processing score in samples of whole-plant corn silage: Click here to read

Case Study: Fermentation of frozen whole-plant corn silage and high-moisture corn after thawing: Click here to read

Forage fermentation product measures are related to dry matter loss through meta-analysis: Click here to read