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Comprehensive Digestion Analyses

Research-backing products and processes is key in the agriculture industry. A customized research project designed and carried out by a reputable analysis laboratory is a great place to start validation. Rock River Laboratory's team of digestion experts is here to help in achieving your team's validation goals. Our planning, processes, and tools offer multiple time point digestion measures and non-linear data analyses to accurately capture digestion for any nutrition research project. Fully customized nutrient digestion options are available with each of the following techniques: 

Rumen or Intestinal in vitro Digestion

  • For fiber digestion measurement, Goeser et al. (2009) technique or Goering and Van Soest (1970) techniques can be utilized, with customization available as needed
  • For starch, the Richards et al. (1995) technique modified as modified by Heuer et al. (2013) is utilized
  • For protein, the Gargallo et al. (2006) and modified by Boucher et al. (2009) technique or the Ross Multi-Step Protein Evaluation can be implemented

Rumen in situ Digestion

  • Assess any nutrient disappearance within lactating cannulated cows

Total Tract in vivo Digestion

  • Utilize uNDF as internal marker as published in Schalla et al. (2012) 
  • Simplify your experiments by reducing the labor involved with marker dosing
  • Lower cost and faster turnaround relative to chromium, lanthanum, etc.

Linear and Nonlinear Statistical Analysis of Data and Experimental Design Support

  • Consulting and technical support
  • Experimental design and data analyses
  • Nutritional implications: measuring parameters appropriate for specific nutrition models
  • Linear and non-linear data analyses support 
  • Comparative treatments utilizing appropriate non-linear techniques

Transport of samples to the laboratory for analysis

  • Rock River Laboratory provides FREE shipping for all samples: Shipping supplies and forms
  • Customs/Import permits are in place to handle samples from outside the United States: International Forms