Alfalfa plants close upData Driven Program

The program developed to grow your database with on-farm forage quality data

The Data Driven program from Rock River Laboratory helps you gather on-farm forage quality data for your company. Through your own customized analysis promotion, you can collect your customers' on-farm forage quality data with Rock River Laboratory supplying accurate analysis. In addition to gaining variety data that complements plot study data, the Data Driven program offers opportunities to:

Customize and organize data

Sample result data is collected through your Data Driven promotion and can be customized for both sequence and name of analytes, while also offering .xml file formats for easy transfer into data-organization software.

Demonstrate realistic results

Data Driven program samples are pulled from real farms that planted the targeted product. This offers analysis of a farm-managed variety that experienced real environmental conditions, without requiring your team to plant, manage, and harvest a plot.

Showcase advanced analyses

Rock River Laboratory offers advanced analyses that more accurately reflect cow performance. Total Tract Neutral Detergent Fiber (TTNDFD) along with in situ starch digestibility analysis, which is measured and reported at 0,3,7,16, and 24-hour time points, can be utilized to completely differentiate the genetic potential of forage varieties. These tools offer a superior advantage for hybrid selection versus traditional measurements.

Collect regional data

With Rock River Laboratory locations throughout the United States, it’s easy to set up a regional Data Driven promotion to collect data from any region of the country while maintaining quick turnaround.


Sign up for the Data Driven program by contacting Cliff Ocker at or call the Rock River Laboratory office at 920-261-0446. Download our Data Driven information sheet here