Small corn plant erupting from the soilEasy Plot Program

The first step to streamlining your plot program analysis data.

Rock River Laboratory’s Easy Plot Program is the first step to gathering and easily organizing seed plot analysis data for any number of plots. By simplifying and automating the process, samples can be quickly and easily sent and analyzed by Rock River Laboratory without the cumbersome paperwork and the human error associated with sample submission.

Program setup

Upon signup into the Rock River Laboratory Easy Plot Program, an e-mail with instructions will be sent to the main point of contact identified upon signing up.
A standard Excel sheet will be shared with the main point of contact for the program to complete with all plot information. Rock River Laboratory will provide all sample submission materials within three weeks of the online form deadline.

Sample Submission

Participants in the Easy Plot Program who have completed their online form and submitted it to Rock River Laboratory by the deadline will be shipped supplies, including return labels, QR code labels, sample bags and request forms, for the company to distribute to the necessary team members and locations. 


To see more program details, download our information sheet

For requirements, enrollment level selection, and to signup for the Easy Plot Program, download the Easy Plot Logistics and Information Agreement, and contact our Easy Plot team at