Wildlife Food Plot Soil Analysis

Understanding soil nutrient levels is the first step to achieving a top-notch wildlife food plot

Whether it's for hunting that trophy buck or a flock of turkeys, a  wildlife food plot needs to attract the biggest and the best, and keep them coming back. Before investing in seed and fertilizer, invest in a professional soil analysis to identify the crops that will work best for your specific goals, and outline how to keep them growing strong.

How to collect a soil sample for nutrient analysis

The accuracy of soil analysis begins with and depends on soil sample collection. Below are the recommended guidelines for collecting a soil sample:

Collecting a soil sample for a lawn, garden, or wildlife food plot

Tips for submitting a wildlife food plot soil sample to Rock River Laboratory

  • Send samples in tightly sealed bags to ensure a safe shipment. Wildlife food plot sample kits  are available through Rock River Laboratory
  • Include the proper sample submission form with your sample 

Interested in offering Wildlife Food Plot Soil Kits at your retail outlet?

The Rock River Laboratory Wildlife Food Plot Soil Test Kit Provides an easy means for any hunting enthusiast to collect and analyze a soil sample. Analysis results are reported with nutrient recommendations to guide fertilization type and amount for optimal growth. Our Wildlife Food Plot Soil Test Kits include:

  • Soil sample bag
  • Mailing label
  • Analysis request form
  • Sampling instructions

Kit specifications: 

  • Kit packaging size: 6"x9"
  • Analysis turnaround time: 1 week from receipt of sample

Learn more by viewing the Wildlife Food Plot Soil Kit Info Sheet