2024 Shipping Changes Resources

Form to order supplies

Frequently Asked Question [Click here to open PDF]

1. How do I order my shipping supplies now?

Ordering shipping supplies (sample bags, kits, etc.) is the same as it’s always been. However, ordering shipping labels has a new process. 

To order shipping labels, you will need to log in to your account (yellow ‘Member Login’ button) on the website to access the form. This ensures that you only get charged for your own shipments to Rock River Laboratory. 

For those customers who simply called or emailed our customer service team with their orders of supplies or labels, nothing will change within this format. Simply contact our team and they will handle it. 

For those customers who write supply order request notes on bags, analysis forms, or tiny slips of paper - dropped into a box with samples or sent by a carrier pigeon, we strongly encourage you to change your process to one of the aforementioned options. These other means of ordering supplies are very easy, and our customer service team is eager and willing to help you through the process. Plus, with the other options, there is a 1,000% better chance that your order will be processed and supplies received. 

2. When will I start seeing charges for my shipments?

Our first invoices for the new year will be sent out in January. On the invoices, you will see a new ‘shipping’ line item with the total shipping incurred since January 1st. These shipping charges will be included in each invoice thereafter.

3. How do I get the most shipping bang for my buck? 

If your team is utilizing our shipping labels, fill the Rock River Laboratory-supplied shipping bags with multiple samples. This is the best way to get the most samples to Rock River Laboratory while paying the same flat rate.

4. What is the maximum weight or number of samples I can put in one shipping bag?

Rock River Laboratory doesn’t have a preferred weight, but we recommend keeping packages under 15 pounds. 

5. I don’t want to pay for shipping. What are my other options?

We encourage you to check out our Convenience Routes and agronomy pickup service. The locations of all of our Convenience Route drop points are available both on our website and within FeedScan, along with the general pickup times so you can find a location even while on the fly. Please note: in some locations, we request a call or text message if you drop samples. In such cases, there is signage on the dropbox with the request and details. 

As always, if you’re near any of our locations across the US, we welcome you to stop into Watertown, Wis., Colby, Wis., Visalia, Calif., Wooster, Ohio, Binghamton, NY, or Edmonson, Texas with your samples. Even if your timing is before or after business hours, sample drop boxes exist at all locations - right outside our office doors - for your sample drop. 

6. How are you ensuring I only pay for the samples I ship? 

Only tracking numbers that have been received by the lab will be invoiced.

Our team - from IT to customer service - has worked hard to establish the best means for us to track labels. Between programming this into our systems and the behind-the-scenes orchestration, we are dotting i’s and crossing t’s to make sure you are only billed for your own sample shipments. 

If you currently work with your customers to take their own samples, or if colleagues gather samples for you, we strongly encourage ironing out a system that will work within these established relationships to avoid errant charges.