Silage bagGuidelines, Handling, and Methods

The nuts and bolts of analysis to help guide your nutrition decisions

Sample Handling

Processes are a key component of scientific accuracy, and Rock River Laboratory prefers to stay transparent with our customers regarding the processes and timelines we utilize to derive accurate feedstuff measurements. Utilize the tools here to quickly and easily learn key definitions, the subsequent processes, and analysis timelines used to derive the values seen on nutrition results reports from Rock River Laboratory: 

A-B-C's of Rock River Laboratory Nutrition Analysis

Agronomy Guidelines

Utilize these University of Wisconsin-Madison-derived guidelines for nutrient applications on Wisconsin field, vegetable, and fruit crops. This helpful booklet includes soil sampling instructions, soil analysis procedures, and nutrient requirement guides: Nutrient application guidelines for field, vegetable, and fruit crops in Wisconsin 

Growers can now realize exceptional soybean yields with the right management, including soil and plant tissue analysis, and help from their partner agronomists. Learn more in our 'Managing soybeans for the next century' technical bulletin. 

Dairy, Beef, and Equine Agricultural Guidelines

Rock River Laboratory has developed several guidelines, per various nutrition measurements, to showcase the high, low and average values expected for these variants within feedstuffs. Utilize these guidelines, along with our Visual Reports to help gauge and make decisions on customer feedstuff quality quickly and easily, before components are even included in the ration. 

Aerobic Bacteria and Organic Matter Bedding Guidelines

Corn Grain Particle Size

Corn Silage Kernel Processing Score (KPS) Guidelines and Benchmarks

Dynamic Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF) Kd Guidelines

Equine Hay Guidelines

Forage, Feed, and Water Nitrate Guidelines and Dietary Limits for Cattle

Fungal and Bacterial Count Guidelines for Agricultural Feed and Total Mixed Rations

Rumen in situ Starch Digestion

Rumen in situ Undegraded Protein (RUP) and Dry Matter Digestion (DMD) Guidelines

Rumen in vitro NDF Digestibility Guidelines

Mycotoxin Guidelines and Dietary Limits

Total Mixed Ration Digestibility (TMRD) Guidelines

Total Tract NDF Digestibility (TTNDFD) Guidelines

Forage and Corn Fermentation Compound Guidelines

Forage Fermentation DM Loss Guidelines

Nutrition Methods Technical Bulletins

MILK2024 Technical Bulletin

Exploration of Drying Methods Technical Bulletin

Rumen Starch Digestion Methodology Technical Bulletin

Investigation of Feed Hygiene